In 'Wow, FINALLY' news, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally decided to make things official. The couple, going on 10 years together, will tie the knot at their chateau in the South of France either this Fall or early next Spring. Apparently, there are some renovations and construction on the home that is putting plans on hold but it's definitely happening. And a source says it will be small, probably no more than 22 guests.


In sad but maybe not shocking news, 48 days into the marriage, Kim and Kanye are having problems. Kanye has figured out that all Kim cares about is shopping and lounging by the pool and he's bored. When they took their honeymoon to Ireland he made plans for museum tours, historical sight seeing and more and Kim wanted none of it. So they took a redo honeymoon to Mexico where Kim spent most of the time lying on the beach and Kanye was miserable. Think this one will last longer than her 72 day record?

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Is Selena Gomez rockin' some new boobs? After a few pictures surfaced, a lot of people are yelling 'fake'! What do you think? Some new boobs for Bieber or is the 20 year old just blossoming?

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And did we catch a nip slip?!