Lady Gaga has landed in the hospital again! The singer was hospitalized following her show in Denver late Wednesday night for altitude sickness. All seems well now. She's due in Seattle tonight for another show and there has been no word that it's cancelled.

Justin Bieber has a new FaceTime friend. Malala Yousafzai, the girl that narrowly escaped being killed by the Taliban back in 2012. Bieber posted a pic of the two chatting and added he could not wait to meet her.

Not to forget this is still Justin he followed up with this pic, something Malala probably doesn't see a lot:

You may have to spend almost $1,000 to meet Miley at a show but it's worth it. Apparently she lets you grope her! One fan cupped her boobs and said he was gay could she be his first and last kiss with a girl. Miley went right along with it! Fans say she spends a lot of time with the people that pay to meet and greet so fork over that money and get ready for some action.

(Move :30 in for the pics)