Wiz Khalifa is a wanted man! A warrant for his arrest has been issued after he failed to show up for a court date yesterday. He's facing a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession after he was caught with just under 2 ounces of pot at the El Paso International Airport. Remember the jail selfie? Looks like his lawyer didn't show either so now Wiz is considered on the run! You need to hire better help than that!

We broke the alleged topless photos of Selena Gomez yesterday and her rep is already saying no way. These are not pics of the 22 year old. What makes this possibly false is when you do a search and find out they showed up on Imgur almost 10 months ago along with other racy shots. Still hoping it's Selena?


Drake says he totally did not call Rihanna a 'devil' at his Toronto show on Monday. Here's his explanation:

Liar, liar or totally buying it?