Kim Kardashian is smashing her marriage record moving on to Day 74 of her marriage to Kanye. That's two whole days longer than Kris Humphries! And the bigger news? She's no longer a Kardashian. Kim took to Instagram to post her new passport pic and announce she took the last name. Kim West. Wow, last names are a big deal, could this one stick?

The FCC is now investigating the NBC "Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Special". Apparently they were flooded with complaints after it aired including people who were disgusted by the stripper costumes and Miley rolling around with half-naked men and women. The biggest complaint? Miley grinding on a dude in an Abe Lincoln costume! NBC could face fines.
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Looks like the last time Drake and Rihanna broke up it was NOT good. Watch the video and decide if Drake was really calling Rihanna 'the devil' at his show in Toronto Monday night: