Justin Bieber goes out, gets in trouble. Kind of how it works. He was at a Dave & Buster's on a date with Selena when he caught a dude taking a picture of the two of them. Biebs snatched the phone from the guy and is now under investigation. If that's not bad enough, he was then rear-ended by paparazzi in a Prius. Justin's Ferrari didn't have too much damage but according to the paparazzi, Justin slammed on his brakes purposefully to get the photog to hit him. What a day.

Miley Cyrus is defending the homeless teen that accepted her VMA award on Sunday. Turns out the guy has a criminal record and a warrant out for his arrest. He failed to show up to a court date in Oregon along with not finishing his community service and failing drug tests among all the charges. He might not even be that 'homeless'. His mom says she's been trying to get him to come back home but he wants to be a star and keeps staying in L.A. Miley fired back:

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was a lesbian? (Dated Samantha Ronsan for almost 2 years?) That's the norm for Li-Lo. Sources say she prefers a relationship with a woman and only does the dirty deed with dudes. When it comes to her romantic side and having an emotional connection, it's only girls for Lindsay.

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