The MTV VMA's happened last night and were actually pretty tame. Except for a near wardrobe malfunction by Nicki Minaj (dress didn't get zipped up fast enough) and loads of butts, also courtesy of Nicki Minaj the show went off without too much controversy. People are pissed because the Kardashian girls were caught texting through the entire Ferguson speech. And even though Miley has retired the twerk, she had the most talked about moment last night when a homeless teen accepted the award for 'Video of the Year' on behalf of Miley.

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Suge Knight is recovering in the ICU after being shot 6 times. Suge was attending a VMA pre-party hosted by Chris Brown. The shooting is being investigated but looks like Suge will be okay. He walked HIMSELF out to the cop car to be transported to the hospital. Cops are thinking this was gang related, especially with rumors that Breezy and Suge are members of the Bloods.

Things are getting ugly already between Mariah Carey and soon to be ex-Nick Cannon. Sources say Mariah is livid that Nick is speaking out about the split and does not plan to be amicable. Meanwhile, some sources are now saying Nick actually left Mariah because she is "a wreck" and he's nervous about how it is affecting their kids. Yikes.

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