50 Cent to on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. In case you were wondering, these two are definitely still fighting:

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are definitely headed for divorce. But get this. Their lawyers worked out a confidentiality agreement and Nick is not allowed to say ANYTHING pertaining to the split! If he does there are severe financial penalties. Mariah on the other hand has the right to talk about the split on whatever terms she wants. Love to know how she got Nick's signature for that. Think she has some dirt?

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Bieber's entourage may be under investigation. Allegedly, Bieber had a show in Toronto last year and bribed a border security guard to let members of his posse into Canada even though they had criminal records. The border security agent was fired after it was found she took a $10,000 bribe. Canadian officials only found out because more of Bieber's friends showed up at the border and tried the same thing. A different agent didn't buy it and blew the whistle. Ouch.

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