The budding romance between Big Sean and Ariana Grande has pissed off ex-fiance Naya Rivera! The 'Glee' star was at the Justin Timberlake concert in LA and friends say she was very emotional and angry. Apparently she thought Big Sean had been cheating on her for awhile with Ariana when they were engaged and now that they're broken up and he got with Ariana, Naya feels she was right. Naya is a married woman now, but that doesn't help her feeling betrayed.

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Farah Abraham, the back door porn former 'Teen Mom'? Now she's officially stripping grabbing a spot on stage at the Palazio Gentlemen's Club in Austin, Texas. Here's the best part. Farah says it's just for research. But she won't say research for what? How many singles fit in a G-string?

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Good news for Chris Brown! He had a probation hearing on Wednesday and the judge said he has been fully compliant with terms of his probation. So he got his random drug tests dropped from 3 a week to just 2 a week! I wouldn't run out and party hard Chris, they can probably still catch stuff with only 2 tests a week but you're moving closer to 0 drug tests!

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