Another chance to put the Biebs behind bars and law enforcement fails. This time it's charges stemming from the drag-racing DUI arrest in Miami. Justin has pleaded out and will have to take 12 hours of anger management, agrees to donate $50,000 to charity and will watch videos of real life DUI accidents that ended tragically. So almost exactly the same punishment he got in LA.

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A waitress says Kendall Jenner skipped out on her dinner bill and when the waitress chased her down, Kendall laughed and threw a bunch of 20s at her:

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Kendall fought back with this response:


Believe she did that?

Following Robin Williams' passing, producers of his upcoming movie called an emergency meeting to make sure they didn't need to change anything about the film. The comedy is family-friendly but Williams plays an alcoholic that has been sober for 6 years and there is a scene that addresses his issues. Would this be too much too soon? Producers decided to leave the scene as is but did make one change. Robin's picture will appear in the final frame of the movie as an 'In Memory'. Robin Williams still has 4 movies expected to be released.
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