Shocking and very sad news to learn about the passing of Robin Williams. 911 call was received around 11:55am yesterday and just after 12noon the actor was pronounced dead in his home outside of San Francisco. He was just 63. Early reports show it may have been a suicide by asphyxiation. The actor/comedian struggled with addiction for years but had been sober with the exception of a rehab stint in 2006 to remain clean. Williams was very public about his battle with acute depression and family members are shocked. Celebrities reacted all day on social media and Conan O'Brien broke the news to his studio audience:

We got an update on Tracy Morgan's recovery. According to his lawyer, "He's still struggling, but he's a fighter. He's had issues before that he's fought through, and he's fighting hard." He appeared on the Today Show and says the family is still confident Tracy will pull through, but it sounds like the at-home rehab is rougher than they originally thought it would be.

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Major couple alert! Looks like Big Sean is bouncing back after his failed engagement with Ariana Grande! The two have been friends for awhile and after working on 'Problem' together and Ariana breaking up with her boyfriend, they got cozy! They've been spotted at numerous restaurants in L.A. and leaving movies looking very much together. Sources say they are both doing great and very happy in this new relationship.

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