Justin Bieber gay? A site put up a story yesterday that the Biebs tweeted he was bi and posted a pic of him kissing Austin Mahone. Justin allegedly told the site after things with Selena weren't working out he decided to try guys. The problem? The site is a hoax and is known for doing stories like this all the time. Too bad a bunch of other media outlets ran with it before they confirmed it wasn't true and fans were pissed. For the record ladies, Justin is still into you.

Jay Z is in hot water after he showed up to a Brooklyn Nets game wearing some bling that represents the Five Percent Nation. If you're not sure what that group is they were founded 50 years ago and have very strong opinions on the black God and says whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior. When asked if the bling had meaning to hi, Jay Z responded "A little bit."

Bieber and his posse may have a harder time partying in Miami. 3 of Miami's biggest clubs Liv, Story and Adore have banned the Biebs because he's more trouble than he's worth. Getting kicked out of clubs before you're even 21? Apparently the clubs tried to compromise saying they would let him in if he performed a song or two but Justin declined.

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