Cameron Diaz showed up on Watch What Happens Live! and had this shocking confession to make:

That's it? No follow up? Who else is in the pond? Is the pond still open? C'mon Andy!

Rihanna is getting so naked, she may be kicked off Instagram! Rihanna posted some topless pics yesterday from her recent photo shoot with French magazine, 'Lui' and Instagram sent her a strongly worded email before taking the pics down. They warned Ri Ri that if she kept it up she would not be putting Insta-filters on any more pics. Rihanna's response? Post them to Twitter.

Kim and Kanye start the wedding season this week. Wedding 1 of 1 million is scheduled sometime this week in an L.A. courtroom. This is their civil ceremony before they jet off to France. They obtained a 'confidential' marriage license and plan a small shindig after the vows. Married as Kimye by the end of the week!

Eugene Gologursky / 2013 Getty Images