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Hollywood Dirt For 4/28

Posted April 28th, 2014 @ 8:19am

The Biebs could be back on the hook for the egging incident. New video from JUSTIN'S security cameras show him in the area of the neighbor's house, hiding behind a car and high-fiving the friend with him. Cops say they can prove it was the night of the incident because Justin is wearing the same sweater he was wearing in an Instagram photo he uploaded later. At this point, just fork over the damage money and be done with it?

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Kim and Kanye may now have a third wedding. Because two wasn't enough. It turns out French law says you must have a civil ceremony in the country before your religious wedding. So Kimye will still need the civil ceremony in L.A. before they jet to France to have a second civil ceremony there followed by the religious ceremony in Paris on May 24th. That's alot of wedding gifts.

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The feud between Selena Gomez and the Jenner sisters heats up. Kylie and Kendall call B.S. on Selena's claims. According to the girls, she is the toxic distraction with her hard partying and drinking problem. The Jenner duo do none of those things. And apparently things got heated at Coachella when she accused Justin of hitting on other girls and the Jenner sisters were caught up in the battle. No worries for Selena though, she's being distracted by her rumored revenge bang sesh with Orlando Bloom. Are they getting cozy?

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