Is Kristen Stewart playing for the other team? The 'Twilight' star was spotted in Palm Springs cozying up to a new GAL pal! Her name is Alicia Cargile and sources say they were getting real handsy, even kissing. Kristen was even caught SMILING like she was enjoying life!

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Justin Bieber is apologizing...again. This time, while in Japan, the Biebs stopped at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo which honors those who lost their lives during WWII. The problem is the shrine also honors 14 convicted war criminals and when he Instagram'd the pics, fans were pissed. Justin took the pics down and apologized:

Chris Brown could be taking up space in jail longer than he thought. Brown is awaiting trial for the assault charge he faces in DC and the hearing was postponed until at least June. So now he is headed back to L.A. where he'll sit in jail before being transporting, again, back to D.C. 'Con Air' style when the trial is rescheduled. Confusing enough? Not the tour Chris Brown was hoping for.

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