Lindsay Lohan is calling a new interview 'total bogus'. Lohan did a photo shoot for a men's magazine "Kode" but says the accompanying interview is all lies. According to the interview, Lohan bragged about dating a guy who is married with kids, says she nailed Jared Leto and he was great in bed and accused Jennifer Lawrence of sleeping her way to the top. Even worse? The mag says she was drinking vodka throughout the interview and did ecstasy during Coachella. Believe it or not?

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Ice Cube showed up on Ellen to explain exactly what he meant when he said the only reason Paul Walker won his MTV Movie Award was sympathy votes because he was dead. (Move to 1:40 to hear him address the drama)

Gwen Stefani is joining 'The Voice'. She's close to finalziing her contract to join the show for Season 7 to replace Christina Aguilera who is taking some time off for her pregnancy. Christina will be back in the Spring. Gwen joins Pharrell along with Blake and Adam who plan to return.

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