On last night's season finale of 'Lindsay' on the OWN Network, Lohan dropped a MAJOR bombshell to explain why she missed 2 weeks of filming the show:

Her mom Dina tweeted to Oprah after the show "Oprah call me" but deleted the tweet shortly after. Believe Lindsay?

"Mad Men"s sexy Jon Hamm has a first world problem: his huge package. Talking to 'Men's Fitness' magazine, Hamm said he knows he will sound like a douchebag but he really would like people to stop talking about his giant penis. He's so much more than that you know? Right Jon, I'll just say it to myself from now on.

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And Justin Bieber is here to stay! The petition asking for the Biebs to be deported got 274,000 signatures. Anything over 100,000 and the White House has to look at the request! They responded by declining to respond saying "We won't be commenting on this one". So Justin is here to stay and we discovered exactly what President Obama does not want to get his hands into!

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