The bang list has been verified! Lindsay Lohan appeared on 'Watch What Happens Live' with Andy Cohen and admits she made the list as part of the fifth step of her AA treatment. She thinks one of the crew members working on her show found the list while she was moving and leaked it to the media. Lindsay says she is very embarrassed over the 'unfortunate' issue. That didn't stop her from hitting Coachella over the weekend. And once again rumors flew that she was hittin it hard and partying all weekend long. Here's what Lindsay had to say about that:

Miley Cyrus is having a real hard time sitting in the hospital for her allergic reaction. The singer has been tweeting non-stop about how awful she feels for letting her fans down and having to cancel shows. Miley says she belongs on stage performing and hates that she doesn't know how long the hospital stay will take. Some fans don't look to be helping her healing process very much.

'Glee' drama! Reports say that Naya Rivera and Lea Michele have not been pleasant company lately. Sources say Lea is making filming very difficult, taking calls and addressing personal issues, right in the middle of scenes causing production to stop. Naya finally went to producers and said Lea has been pissing all the cast members off and when Lea got wind of that complaint she stormed off set. Of course reps for both say there is nothing going on and both ladies are fine with each other. In another possibly nasty truth, friends close to the Big Sean/Naya break up say Big Sean ended the engagement because of an affair with Lea!