Ice Cube is apologizing after throwing some serious shade at a dead guy. Ice and Kevin Hart lost out on the MTV Movie Award for Best Onscreen Duo to Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. So Cube made some shocking remarks saying, 'We was robbed" and complaining that Paul Walker only won because of sympathy votes. Ice Cube was clearly getting serious heat because now he is saying he wasn't really mad and would never diss an actor like that. Think before you speak, dude.

Brendon Thorne / 2012 Getty Images

Olympic Figure Skater Johnny Weir has called off his gay divorce to Victor Voronov on a few conditions. The pair have written up a list of the DONT's if they want to stay together. It includes sex outside the marriage, sexting, aggressive flirting and mutual masturbation. Yes, apparently Victor had an issue with giving and receiving with people other than Johnny. The document even includes joint STD testing every 6 months. Love is truly in the air here.

Ariana Grande tweeted and seriously scared her fans:

By bone she actually meant a tooth and by head she meant her mouth. Technically she wasn't lying but still had to explain to fans: