Celebs reacted on Twitter yesterday when Stephen Colbert was announced as the new 'Late Show' host taking over after David Letterman leaves:

And here is what Colbert had to say about the legendary Letterman:

Even Kim's butt could not make the President a fan. Turns out back in 2012, Kim Kardashian really wanted to help with Obama's campaign but his staff said NO WAY. Kim is reportedly political poison and not the person you want in any political event. Poor Kim.

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Beyonce is being blasted for Photoshop'ing her OWN picture? While golfing on a trip she posted a fierce pic of her golf pose and a lot of people think the 'thigh gap' looks a little funky. Photoshop funky. And now there's speculation about whether she Photoshops ALL of her pictures. What do you think?