Mark your calendars we have a date! The Kim and Kanye nuptials will reportedly take place on May 24th. The ceremony will be small with only about 150 guests expected and will take place in Paris. Big news? Baby North West will apparently have a big role in the ceremony.


More bad news for cops trying to bust Jusin Bieber for drag racing in Miami. A new GPS readout shows the cop car chasing Bieber did not drive faster than 49 mph. So where was the drag racing? The prosecution has yet another cop giving them another problem.

The home shared by Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom has reportedly been broken into and over $250,000 worth of jewelery is missing. Khloe noticed the missing items when she went back to the house to continue clearing out the place. Cops are now looking at Lamar's drug dealers as the possible culprits. Turns out Lamar left for Spain without settling his debt and now the dealers want compensation. Khloe's sister Kourtney was hit earlier this month and bandits made off with $50,000 in cash. Cops are thinking the crimes are related. Lamar has some explaining to do.

Jason LaVeris / 2012 Jason LaVeris