Bieber footage is about to go public again. A Florida judge issued a second ruling that video of Justin's urine test following his DUI arrest WILL be made public but his business parts will be censored. No official word on when the footage will be made public to the media. Enjoy these photos of the star forced to show all of his tattoos to officers.

Is Selena Gomez off the booze wagon? Sources are saying the starlet was drunk and stumbling around the post-Oscar Vanity Fair party. She was drinking constantly and having a good time but towards the end of the night stared to get out of control. Some say she wasn't slurring but just at the 'happy-sleepy stage' of the night. Remember Selena headed to rehab earlier this year but left the 6 week program after just 2 weeks. Her rep said it had nothing to do with substance abuse.

Katy Perry may have kissed a girl and NOT liked it! The start was on an Australian morning show where she explained why she pulled away from that famous Miley Cyrus lip-lock during the Bangerz tour stop in LA last month.

(Move to around 7:30 to hear what she said about Miley using that tongue)