Zac Efron is having a bad week. His face saw a beat down over the weekend after he broke up a fight between his bodyguard and a hobo. For some unknown reason, Efron and his bodyguard were in the Skid Row part of L.A. a little after midnight when a homeless man attacked them with a spear. Besides a homeless man with a spear, the other strange part is what they were doing there and it is being rumored that Efron (who has had 2 stints in rehab already) may have been looking for drugs. Both him and his bodyguard are okay.
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James Franco is calling B.S. on the bang list! The actor told a reporter he NEVER had sex with Lindsay Lohan and her list is a lie. In Franco fashion he went on to say he COULD have hit that, but the actress was 'having issues' and he didn't want to take advantage of her. Nice, James. Who else will throw shade at the sex list?

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A health scare for Avicii. The DJ was scheduled for a gig in South Beach last night at the SLS Hotel as part of a warm up to the Ultra Music Festival. A member of his team announced he had been hospitalized for an undisclosed illness. Avicii was reportedly released from the hospital late last night but no word on whether he will be performing his scheduled set at Ultra Music Fest this weekend.

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