Nick Cannon's new album 'White People Party Music' hits stores April 1st and this is how the rapper decided to market the big drop. A white face skater boy. Too far with white face? Cannon is not backing down and the Twitter sphere is pretty split on offended/entertained.

Here's Connor Smallnut:

A pastor made the mistake of reaching out to Ellen Page with concerns about her homosexuality. The star had the best rebuke Tweet ever:

You go Ellen.

And the award for strangest injury goes to Ariana Grande who texted her manager over the weekend to tell him she had a party and in front of a lot of people, she slipped on a surprise pile of Ophelia's piss, slammed into a wall and broke 3 toes.

Get well soon Ariana and get your dog checked. Not sure pee is supposed to "pile up".

Alberto E. Rodriguez / 2012 Getty Images