Another baby bump on the way? Mila Kunis has reportedly received the Ashton seed and the couple is expecting! No confirmation from the pair, but Mila was spotted over the weekend at a prenatal yoga class and friends close to the couple say they are 'really, really, really excited, but it's still early'.

Kanye & Kim nabbed the April cover of 'Vogue' and Twitter exploded. It was announced Friday and Kardashian tweeted her excitement:

We finally know how Paul Walker's character will be handled in 'Fast And The Furious 7'. The studio has hired 4 actors with a similar physique to Walker and will act as body doubles. CGI will be used for Walker's face and voice. Universal says fans will be very happy with the decision. 'Fast And Furious 7' is slated to open April 10, 2015.

Kevin Winter / 2009 Getty Images