Miley Cyrus hit up a strip club in New Orleans the other night and the girls in the VIP lounge got real friendly. Like shove your face in Miley's butt friendly. Miley was fully I'm guessing they went for that end because motorboatin' would have been pretty painful from the looks of this pic Miley tweeted out yesterday:

Highly anticipated 'Divergent' opens today and star Shailene Woodley showed up on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about who her gave her the advice to do the movie. Hunger Games' J Law herself!

'Duck Dynasty' on a ratings free fall? Bad news from this past Wednesday's show. It only pulled in 4.7 million viewers making it the lowest number of viewers since November 2012. Could it be late backlash for Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments? Maybe, but fact is the show has been on the downward spiral since the premiere of Season 4 back in August. 

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