More names released from Lindsay Lohan's 'Tapped That' list and the new bang worthy boys include Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Phillipe and Benicio Del Toro. In Touch Weekly also revealed pro hockey player Aaron Voros so Lindsay has broken into the sports world as well. 6 names are still blurred out and no word on whether we will or won't get to know those.

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We may have a new sex tape floating around! It's rumored Kris Jenner is on film getting down and dirty and the dude with the tape is threatening to release the footage unless Kris forks over money and buys it herself. The head of the Kardashian clan says there's no way this is true but is beefing up security in case of a stalking threat.

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Fists up, Chris Brown could be out of jail. The singer is awaiting his trial for a D.C. assault which is the reason he was popped for a probation violation in the Rihanna case. Reportedly his lawyer is offering quite a hefty sum of money to the assult victim in exchange for him dropping the case against Brown. If this goes through, the civil suit will be settled, no trial and the judge in the Rihanna case would have to grant Brown release. Loophole found.

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