Chris Brown gets the boot from rehab and now we know why. He reportedly violated 3 major facility rules. Staying at least 2 feet away from women, refusing a drug test and mocking rehab during a group session. The judge that Brown pleaded to for his release was not impressed sentencing the singer to jail until April 23rd. His main reason for the extension?


Will she or won't she? Beyonce not looking forward to the Kim and Kanye nuptials. The Queen B saying she thinks it's 'just tacky' that the duo is filming their wedding for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". Beyonce knows she will have to go, but has made it clear to both Kim and Kanye that under no circumstances will she be a part of the filming on the wedding day. I'm sure B will still bring a killer gift. 

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Planning to see 'Divergent' this weekend? Shailene Woodley has some health tips you'll be thinking about all movie long. Vagina sunbathing. According to the star it's good for 'genital issues' and gives you lots of energy. Now this comes from the girl that also says eating clay is one of the best things you can put in your body. So open wide ladies, vagina sunbathing is the new way to get those vitamins.

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