Confirmed! Drake and Rihanna are officially together. Sources say the two are in an exclusive relationship and Rihanna loves how well Drake treats her. They're reportedly spending every night together in Europe while Drake is on tour.

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Good news? Chris Brown is out of rehab! Bad news? He's back in jail. Brown was kicked out of rehab over the weekend after a 4 month stint for violating 'internal rules'. This means he violated his probation and could be heading to the slammer for a long time! You'll remember Brown started his rehab stint for anger managment after the Rihanna beat down.

The rapper is currently being held without bail.

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If you were missing some new Miley, have no fear. The tongue sticking singer announces a new collaboration with the Flaming Lips and Andew from MGMT. They'll be remaking the Beatles hit 'Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds'. I can only assume Sir Paul McCartnet is rolling his eyes but here's hoping for a sweet sounding partnership. Do it justice, girl.