The Biebs will head to court on May 5th to fight (and probably win) the case against him regarding his DUI and drag racing arrest. As we told you the arresting officer has many counts of misconduct on his record and the GPS readout shows Justin was never going more than 49mph during the alleged drag racing time. Think he's feeling that nervous about the case?

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A Kardashian crash yesterday. Kim was involved in a fender bender after she made a left turn and an oncoming car with his right signal on decided to drive straight through striking her vehicle. Everyone involved was okay and Kim's ass was intact. We also learned cops are zoning in on who may be involved in the jewelery and cash robbery from Khloe and Kourtney's home earlier this month. Police are positive it was an inside job and are looking at CREW members involved with the show as the guilty party.

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'True Detective' wrapped it's first season on March 9th and stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson announced they won't return for Season 2. The good news? Brad Pitt is reportedly on the short list of stars to fill the coveted lead role in the series. No confirmation from his team but fingers crossed.

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