New video of Justin Bieber during his deposition is out and it's no improvement for the singer. His Xanax use was a major question and the Biebs even dropped an F bomb to a court reporter just asking him to repeat his response. Justin later took to Twitter to defend (or try to defend) himeself in the unfortunate videos.

Anyone still a fan?

WARNING: NSFW (Language)

Miley Cyrus showed up on stage in her underwear...not on purpose. At her Milwaukee show over the weekend the Bangerz girl didn't have time to finish a costume change and instead of missing the song she ran on stage to really show off the goods.

Kim and Kanye WILL have a prenup signed. Reportedly it will give Kim $10 million for every year they're together (which in the past has not been too long) but will be capped at $10 million. Plus, their home will be in her name and whatever money Kim makes, Kim keeps.

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