Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reuniting? The pair was spotted in Texas over the weekend where they spent 2 hours together at a private dance studio and then the Biebs was spotted at her show Saturday night. Fueling further rumors they may have kissed and made up? Bieber's tweet Sunday morning:

Further evidence, Justin showed up at SXSW and referred to Selena as 'his baby'

Justin was NOT friendly with lawyers in new video that has surfaced. We told you last week the singer is involved in a deposition with a photographer that claims a member of Justin's security team stole his camera and roughed him up. Here's some of what happened in court:

Shakira's sexy music videos are done. Sad news from the diva who says her boyfriend, Gerard Pique, has asked her not to do risque videos with MEN anymore. Shakira says it's kind of a turn on that he's so territorial and protects and respects her. It also probably helps that he has given her permission to continue sexy video making with WOMEN (enter Rihanna). What a guy.

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