Here are the 10 most-searched Halloween costumes to date, according to data released  by Google Shopping:

  1. Minion (a character in the Despicable Me animated comedy series)

  2. Breaking Bad (one of AMC’s hit shows about a meth dealer that ended this year)

  3. Fox (likely spurred by Ylvis’s “What Does the Fox Say” YouTube video)

  4. Duck Dynasty (an A&E reality TV show about a family that makes products for duck hunters)

  5. Miley Cyrus (a good-girl-turned-bad pop star noted for “twerking” at the Grammys)

  6. Minecraft (a video game involving blocks)

  7. Daenerys (one of the characters in HBO’s Game of Thrones)

  8. Batman

  9. Gatsby dresses

  10. Daft Punk (a French music duo known for wearing helmets)