Designer Patso Dimitrov has mashed-up some of NBA stars' signature shoes with some of hip-hops best albums.

I asked Pasto how he was inspired to design these. He told me "I decided to skip school one day and was just chilling around while listening to Watch the Throne and watching a LeBron video highlight real. His game really matched the sort of "rich" sound and I thought "why not make a shoe that reflects that?". That's how the whole idea came about and after the first shoe was done I kinda just went with the flow and just selected a few of my favorite albums from recent times to match NBA's best players."

When asked if he had a favorite shoe mash-up, he said "The LeBrons. They look very catchy and edgy to me and they can be noticed right away."

Being a shoe AND hip-hop fan this is a huge nerd overload. I hope that these are actually created someday. 

You can see the rest of his work here