On Tuesday night, 24-year-old Pete Jesse Rodriguez of Santa Fe, Texas was playing a game with a 14-year-old that seems like a HORRIBLE idea.  The kid would run around and Pete would trace his movements with a gun. 


Naturally, the game ended when Pete SHOT the kid in the left thigh?!?!?!

We're not exactly sure about the relationship between Pete, the kid, and the kid's mom.  But we're GUESSING Pete and the mom are getting-it-on.  Because Pete lives in the house, and because of how the mom handled the shooting.

Instead of immediately rushing her son to the hospital like your mother would've done, she spent SEVERAL HOURS on WebMD and other websites looking up how to treat GUNSHOT WOUNDS.

Finally, approximately seven-and-a-half hours after the shooting, the mom took her son to the hospital.

When a gunshot victim goes to the hospital, police get involved.  Pete was arrested for felony injury to a child with serious bodily harm, and the mother may ALSO be facing a felony charge of injury to a child by omission. 

(CBS 11 - Houston / Houston Chronicle)