Those flowers you bought for Valentine's Day were a nice gesture and everything, but no one went more out of their way than THIS guy.

A 40-year-old in Arizona named Joseph Dekenipp stole a car last month and got thrown in jail, about 60 miles south of Phoenix.

And supposedly he kept telling other inmates how heartbreaking it was to be away from his girlfriend for so long.  So on Valentine's Day, he decided to do something about it.

Police say Joseph scaled a 12-foot fence, crawled through razor wire, climbed over another fence with more razor wire on it, then walked 10 miles, all so he could meet his girlfriend for dinner at the Gallopin' Goose Saloon & Grill.

Unfortunately for Joseph, police were searching for him at that point.  And they showed up a few minutes after his girlfriend got there.

It's not clear if the two were planning to run off together, or just have Valentine's Day dinner.  But because of all that razor wire, Joseph ended up needing a doctor.  Then they brought him straight back to prison.

And since he tried to escape, he'll be in jail and away from his girlfriend even longer now.

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