There are few unwritten rules in life that SEEM like common sense, but everyone violates them anyway.  Like letting people exit elevators or restaurants before you go in, and if you're not passing someone, GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE.

Today we've got a few more.  Check out six unwritten rules in life that everyone SHOULD follow, but nobody does. 

1.  If you finish the coffee, make more.

2.  If a car stops for you to cross the street, hustle a little.

3.  Don't ask people how much they paid for things.  It makes them uncomfortable, and it's a boring conversation anyway.

4.  Wipe down equipment at the gym when you're done.

5.  Never ask a pregnant woman when she's due, touch her belly without asking, or say, "You're huge!"

6.  If someone looks bad in a photo, don't tag them on Facebook.