People at wedding receptions are mystifying, civilized people act like they haven't eaten in MONTHS the way they ATTACK the buffet.  And that went VERY badly at a wedding in Norfolk, England last week.

Photo: & Rod Ryan

28-year-old Karyssa Smethurst of Norfolk got married, and apparently her family was HUNGRY.  As they grabbed for chicken in the buffet line, things got CRAZY.

It escalated to the point where Karyssa's 53-year-old uncle, Curt Hughes, PUNCHED HER SISTER, 29-year-old Krystel Coleman.  Krystel ended up with two black eyes and a broken nose.

And the fight kept spreading.  The groom's family got involved, old people were getting knocked over, and it took TEN COPS to break up the fight.

Curt was arrested for assault.  No one else was arrested.

(Daily Mail