Charlene Ellet was caught shoplifting at the Walmart in Porter, Texas.

Her (half) brother, Cameron Beck, came looking for her, and that's when the cops found a burnt light bulb and cut pen with traces of crystal meth in their car.

At this point, they're both carted off to jail. Then this happens:

Police placed Ellet and Beck in adjoining cells, and while they were filing the booking reports, the two began "kissing each other on the lips through the bars."

After double-checking that they heard that whole "brother and sister" thing correctly, deputies questioned Ellet separately. She admitted to a sexual relationship with her brother that started when he was released from jail in November—although she insisted they had different fathers.

She said the two had been living in a motel with her 2-year-old twin daughters, and they put up a partition or went into the bathroom so the babies wouldn't see them having sex. (Gawker)