Read the four entries and vote for the one you think should get the $2500 ring from Rogers and Hollands Jewelers 

If the entries do not appear, here they are:


I met my girlfriend in August 2002. She was 13 and I was 14. At the time I lived in Cheboygan, MI and she lived in Lakeview, MI. I had been on a vacation out to Arizona to the Grand Canyon. On our trip my dad cut his foot and from that got meningitis. We had to end the trip and head home. It had gotten bad and we only made it to Kalamazoo. My dad was admitted to Bronson Methodist Hospital. While there my mom and I had stayed at the hospitality house. This is where I met my girlfriend, Krista. She and her grandma were also staying there while her grandpa was admitted at the same hospital due to having to have a defibrillator put in. We each stayed about 2 weeks. We went to the park, listened to music (Nellyville to be exact) on her cd player and did cross words and connect the dots. The last day she was there she had asked me for my phone number and address so that we could keep in touch. I gave it to her. For about a month or two after she would call and we would talk but after awhile we had lost contact. In 2004 when Facebook was created she had searched for me on Facebook and sent me a friend request, I accepted. We talked on and off but nothing real consistent. In 2009 I moved from Cheboygan, MI to West Memphis, AR. In May of 2011 my girlfriend at the time became pregnant with my daughter, Gabrielle Margaret, and before the baby was born we were married. I remember the week or so before I got married Krista sent me a message admitting she had had a crush on me back in 2002 when we met. Any how, the relationship and marriage was rough and by August 2012 we were separated. Krista had noticed on Facebook that I had changed my relationship status from married to single. This was now October 23rd. She sent me a message stating that if I needed someone to talk to she would be there to listen. I decided to send her a message with my number and right away she text me. I remember it said ?hey buddy, it?s Krista?. That night we stayed up for 5 hours straight catching up. We both admitted to having a crush on one another in 2002 when we met and also that we still had a crush on each other. I was amazed by how much we had in common. We continued to talk every night. At this point, although we were separated, I was still trying to make it work with my wife with no avail. Krista was there for me at my lowest point. I was depressed and having a really rough time with the separation. I was living with a friend and had no job no money and no vehicle. December came and Krista offered to buy me a train ticket back home to Michigan. I agreed and she bought the ticket, however, a day or so later I got a call on a job and had planned to take it. Krista was upset but understood so she canceled the ticket. A week or two later I hadn?t heard anything more back on the job and contacted Krista to talk about it. She agreed once again to buy my train ticket home but warned it would be the last time. I took her up on the offer. We continued to talk and on Christmas day 2012 I asked her to be my girlfriend, she said yes. On January 8th 2013 she left work early and drove to the train station in GR and picked me up. I lived with Krista at her parents. In February she had lost her job and when she told her grandmother in Fl she immediately asked us to come down to help her because she needed a surgery done to remove cancer in her leg and needed help afterwards. We flew down on February 17th and stayed until March 14th. While in Florida we went to the Strawberry Festival where Krista purchased ?his & hers? rings for us that also included the date we began dating on the back. On the morning of March 29th Krista found out she was pregnant, we were so excited. Krista?s dad wanted us out before the baby was to be born so we moved into our own place in June. I still had no job and Krista was working two jobs, while pregnant, to support us. In July we found out that we are having a baby girl and decided to name her Karleigh Rae. Soon after I was able to get a job. In September we moved into another apartment and that is where we currently reside. Money is really tight and we are barely able to afford groceries and laundry and it will be even tighter when Karleigh is born. Krista is due November 28th, Thanksgiving.I have been with Krista now for 10 months and I have never been more in love. She has made my life so much better even my parents constantly compliment her and tell her how good she is for me. She has given so much and supported me in every decision I have made. We have already discussed trying for another baby possibly next year and we have also discussed wedding plans. I would love to win this contest and be able to propose to the girl of my dreams, my best friend. Please help me win this for her.


I would like the ring because my girlfriend has stood beside me throughout many trials and tribulations. We have been in a long distance relationship for the last three years. She urged me to take a job that would allow me to fulfill my professional dreams. I used the money I had saved to help cover the moving costs. My girlfriend is has put up with a lot, allowing me to follow my dreams, she deserves to have her dream of a nice engagement ring. She has been a positive force on my life and I feel bad that I can?t offer her ring she deserves. She has been waiting for me to pop the question for a long time. We talk about marriage a lot and she has said that once we are engaged she will relocate to my side of the state. I am ready and so is she, we just need a ring to seal the deal.


We have been in a long distance relationship for three years and finally get to be together. Please help us out!!


We have both worked so hard to pay off credit cards, cars, medical debt and school that money to save for a ring wasn\'t available to be set aside. We are now preparing to save for the \big\" day and he wants nothing but the best for the ring. Winning this would help us reassign funding to the big day fun :)