On Sunday afternoon, 39-year-old Mario Garcia and 28-year-old Domingo Garcia-Hernandez tried to rob a restaurant called the Clifton Grill in Chicago.  Except they went RIGHT during the Sunday lunch rush.


So when they told the owner they had a GUN and demanded money, he told them he was JUST TOO BUSY with customers, so if they came back in an hour when things were slower it would be better.  The two robbers actually DID IT.

One hour later, they showed up again.  This time the owner was ready for them, called the cops, and stalled until the police got there. 

Both Mario and Domingo are facing aggravated robbery charges.  The police also noted that Domingo's gun was really a squirt gun and that Domingo is only FOUR-FOOT-EIGHT.

(CBS 2 - Chicago / Chicago Tribune