On Monday night, 23-year-old Ashley Taylor Wright of Pensacola, Florida went to the mall with her three kids and SHOPLIFTED $261 worth of clothes by shoving it in her baby stroller.

An employee saw Ashley steal the clothes and called the cops.  The cops caught up to her in the parking lot.

And that's when Ashley decided her best getaway plan was WEAPONIZING HER INFANT DAUGHTER.

As the cops approached, she held up her three-month-old and yelled, quote, "You'll have to shoot through the baby to get me!"

The cops didn't shoot the baby, but did CATCH her because Ashley decided to THROW the baby carrier at them, with her daughter STILL INSIDE.  Fortunately, the baby was fine.

She was arrested and charged with felony child abuse, petty theft, and resisting arrest.

(The Smoking Gun