Last November, 48-year-old Stuart Clarke of Provo, Utah was accused of WHIPPING IT OUT on a Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis to Salt Lake City.  Now, a search warrant application has revealed his convoluted excuse. 

Stuart had actually flown from Amsterdam to Minneapolis.  He said he had a raging headache in the Netherlands, so he decided to rub some PEPPERMINT OIL on his forehead to relieve the pain before he got on the plane. 

But then he went to the bathroom.  And while he was relieving himself, some of the peppermint oil got on his JUNK.  And when he got back to his seat, he felt a BURNING SENSATION down below, so he felt like he HAD to take it out to let it breathe a little. 

There are a few holes in his story, though.  One, if he applied the peppermint oil back in Amsterdam, it was at least 10 HOURS before he whipped it out on the plane. 

And two, when the plane landed, he TOOK OFF from the airport as quickly as possible.  He didn't even grab his suitcase at baggage claim. 

He hasn't been charged with any crime, but he could be looking at a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure on an aircraft.

(The Smoking Gun)