You've got to be a STRANGE person to own a PET PEACOCK.  And here's the proof.

64-year-old David Beckman of Roselle, Illinois owns a pet peacock named Phyl.  Or, actually, he OWNED a pet peacock.

A few weeks ago, the police were investigating Beckman on reports that he tried to solicit someone underage online.  When they got to his house, they saw a DEAD PEACOCK.

Turns out the peacock died after Beckman HAD SEX WITH IT.  That's right:  This guy had sex with his male pet peacock and it died in the process.  And the cops found out because he was trolling for underage sex online.  He is the WORST. 

Last week, he was arrested and hit with several charges, including animal cruelty and attempted indecent solicitation of a child. 

(Arlington Heights Daily Herald / NBC 5 - Chicago)