Always proofread!!!

Yesterday, a senior advisor for the White House named Dan Pfeiffer was replying to a tweet from a reporter at "The New York Times" about how the media is making the country even MORE divided.

And Pfeiffer MEANT to say that he thinks it's a, quote, "much bigger factor" for conservative news outlets than it is for liberal ones.

But when he tried to write the word "bigger," he typed an "N" instead of a "B", and accidentally tweeted the N-WORD. 

Which is obviously ironic since Pfeiffer works for the first African-American president.  But also because Pfeiffer is President Obama's senior COMMUNICATIONS advisor.

As you'd imagine, people started tweeting about it immediately.  And he pulled it down a few minutes later, apologizing and calling it a "horrendous typo."

(Politico / Hypervocal)