Before you leave a negative review on Yelp, just remember that the place you're reviewing could end up giving YOU a negative review.

There was a Yelp review by a guy named "Carlo M." for a spa in Philadelphia called Restore Bodywork & Reflexology.  And he gave the place two out of five stars, saying quote, "Meh, I've experienced better."

Well, someone at the spa saw his review, and decided to post underneath and call him OUT for it, because apparently his massage therapist refused to give him a HAPPY ENDING, and THAT'S why he left unsatisfied.

Quote:  "We're disappointed you decided to post your opinion of your service, in this social arena, in light of your inappropriate behavior of propositioning of our therapist for a sexual favor.

"Our therapist abruptly ended the session because of this and there is a police report of your actions.  You've been added to the online PervGuard database that will inform other legitimate spas of your lack of good intentions and poor ethics."

The even used his full name, Carlo Mabilog.  It's not clear if this is all true or not, but his review has since been taken down.