On Wednesday, 30-year-old Wenyi Xu of Folsom, California and her boyfriend, 61-year-old Nicholas Bowen of Grizzly Flats, California were at a park in Davis, California.  And Wenyi was wearing a long coat with NOTHING UNDERNEATH.

That's because she was FLASHING PEOPLE while Nicholas took photos.  And believe it or not, Wenyi looks pretty attractive in her mugshot.  If she flashed you, you'd look.

Two of the people she flashed were boys riding bikes, one of whom was SO distracted by actual, real life breasts that he FELL OFF HIS BIKE.  He wasn't hurt.

Both Wenyi and Nicholas were arrested for engaging in lewd acts in public, conspiracy, and some crime called "annoying a child."  Wenyi was also hit with a charge of indecent exposure.  

(Davis Daily Democrat / Modesto Bee)