On Saturday afternoon, around 3:00 P.M., a 54-year-old man was at his home in Crossville, Tennessee when a woman showed up at his door. 

It was hot out, and she asked if she could swim in his pool, NAKED.

Photo via Only-Tease & Z100

Naturally, he said YES.  So she went to the pool, stripped naked, and started swimming.  And obviously, he watched her.

But while he was distracted by the naked stranger in his pool, her boyfriend ROBBED the place.

After about 20 minutes she toweled off and left, and the man found he was missing his gun, some jewelry, and some prescription medication.  The total value of the stuff stolen was estimated around $1,195. 

The police have identified two suspects, but haven't tracked them down yet.  You can only imagine how well the guy would've done with a sketch artist.  

(Crossville Chronicle)