19-year-old Lindsay Longbottom of Daytona Beach, Florida didn't want her boyfriend to know she was cheating on him.  But the story of her cheating on him is now national news.  So, oops.

Earlier this week, Lindsay wanted to get-it-on with an 18-year-old guy named Vincent Ewell.  So the two of them got drunk, then decided to break into a HIGH SCHOOL to have sex.  They figured her boyfriend would never catch them there.

So they broke into Mainland High School.  It's not clear if they're former or maybe even current students there.

Before they settled into the humping, they decided to smash the vending machine to eat something.  They said they had the, quote, "beer munchies."

But they didn't realize they'd triggered the school's alarm when they broke in, and a cop caught them eating the snacks.  They never even got a chance to have sex.

Both of them are facing burglary charges.

(ABC 9 - Orlando