On Sunday morning, 33-year-old Mark Valadez of Oklahoma City was arrested on a minor charge.

The reports we have don't say what the minor charge was, but it clearly wasn't something that was going to land Mark in a dangerous maximum-security prison.  But he prepared like he WAS going to be fighting for his life on the inside.

Because Mark smuggled a LOADED GUN into jail, by shoving it up his NO-GO HOLE.

Now it wasn't a big gun.  It was the opposite.  Mark smuggled in a tiny, one-shot Derringer.  But it's still a loaded gun.  And the guards didn't search him very carefully when he was admitted to jail, because they didn't find it.

And Mark might've actually gotten away with it too, but he started BRAGGING to other inmates about the gun.  The guards heard, did a cavity search, and found the gun.  Now he's facing a felony charge for possessing contraband.

He was also hospitalized because he was having some issues down below you know, because he kept a pistol in his RECTUM for 16 hours.

(The Smoking Gun