52-year-old Kenneth Enlow of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a rare pervert.

On Sunday, Kenneth was caught hiding in a SEPTIC TANK underneath a women's bathroom at White Water Park in Tulsa.  Yes, he was floating in every type of foulness imaginable just to catch a glimpse of women using the toilet.

A 29-year-old woman spotted him when she took her seven-year-old daughter into the bathroom.  She called the cops.

They got him out of the septic tank, and according to the police report, he was, quote, "covered in feces."  They hosed him down and arrested him on a misdemeanor peeping Tom charge.

He told them he WASN'T spying on women.  He gave a very detailed story about a woman named Angel who hit him in the head with a tire iron, then threw him in her 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo, took him to the park, and dumped him in the toilet.

Since he's six feet tall, 240 pounds, and wasn't exactly yelling for help when he was caught so the cops weren't buying it.

(The Smoking Gun)